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Monday, August 13, 2007


1. A few weeks back, someone named Sip posted about in-trade, which features a futures market of sorts for presidential candidates. I thought it might be interesting to see what's happened to McCain since that posting. This isn't surprising to anyone who has followed McCain over the last 8 years. I voted for him in 2000, but I couldn't vote for him in the primary. That's too bad, because I think he is close to where I am on the issues. I just don't trust him anymore on lots of important issues -- including taxes, immigration, etc... He'd be good on the war though, which remains #1.

The media has suggested that McCain's support of the war doomed him and, I suppose that is true, since his deepest support was among reporters and independents. Unfortunately, McCain was running in the Republican primary and eventually, his name recognition was overtaken by his spotty record. He'll always have lots of positive editorials to look back on, though.

2. My compliments to Sip on starting the I heart huckabee fan club around here. Still don't see it happening. But good job in Iowa.

3. Yes, my family has completed our move from NY to Cincinnati. So far, so good. Plus, I have no more excuses on why I am not blogging. I'll try to keep up my end of the bargain, but I fear we've lost even our family fan base.

4. I miss the Daily Six!

Welcome back TJ. The other night I had dinner with the new neighbors and the guy had Turrett's syndrome. Turrett's is always funny. I don't think it even kills people.
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