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Wednesday, August 29, 2007
Hmmmm - What I think....

First, I wish all of my fellow SCG well. It has been a while and I hope everyone is doing fine.

I wish I had some grand revelations after a summer off from the blog and some navel gazing, but I don't have much. This is what I know:

- I still don't feel too strongly about any Republican presidential candidate. None have stepped up and stand out for me.
- I hope the Republicans and conservatives don't miss an opportunity because of voter complacency or lack of enthusiasm. I dread a 1996 repeat.
- I miss cool summer weather.
- Congress is finding ways to screw up energy policy in far worst ways than thought possible. I need to dig out the first time I stated for the SCG record "Promoting Ethanol is bad public policy!" and "Ethanol is NOT the solution".
- Is it coincidence that I didn't have any gray hair until after I was married? What does that mean to poor Sip?!
- The Larry Craig issue is a strange one. While I abhor what he has been accused of doing, I equally abhor the liberal and media double standard and the effort to try him in the court of public opinion. Skip has survived smilar charges multiple times in the past and may have a few pointers.
- The Bills are going to be so-so. Tough division. Better O, worse D than last year.
- Sabres are going to be okay. Hungrier. Won't be taking the playoffs for granted, but still young and a year or so away from winning the Cup.
- Huckabee has slid further down on the list with his apparent interest in a national ban on smoking. This is outrageous to any conservative, libertarian, or occasional smoker.

Let's get together for drinks and conversation soon.

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