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Tuesday, August 28, 2007
Senator Larry Craig... Yikes!

Is it entirely unreasonable to expect those who hold high public office to not behave like sexual deviants? What's next? Kay Bailey Hutchinson on "Girls Gone Wild?" Christopher Shays shows up with wine coolers and condoms on the NBC "To Catch a Predator Special" with Chris Hansen?

The first day this broke, it didn't seem to have wheels to it in the press. Lord knows that's changed.

I don't condone his actions one bit (he can do whatever he wants in private, but not in a public bathroom). However, I'm still left wondering if he was a Dem, would it be different? It was for Clinton's trysts, and Barney Frank for that matter.
Of course, it would be different. He could announce, "I'm a gay American" and blame bigotry for forcing him to cruise men's rooms for sex.

In the end, though, it doesn't matter that the left has different (read: no) standards for its politicians other than they be lefties.

Politicians are given the public trust. When they break that trust, they need to move on. If we start to protect politicians' careers over ideas and ideals, why bother having ideas and ideals at all? Pretty soon, power becomes more important.

I think we should fight for people who are unfairly being hounded out of office. But when someone crosses the line, we should show them the door.

Where I think we can do a better job is by having our high public officials willing to hold the Democrats to high standards too. I think it is because the GOPers have so much of their own dirty laundry, they figure the opposing side will return the favor. The other side won't, of course, and if our politicians lived up to the public trust, we would be in a better position to hold everyone to high standards.
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