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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

1. Hillary - I watched her a little this past weekend on Russert. Her answers seemed well rehersed and canned. That being said, we'll hear more about her health care plan (round 2) going forward. I really like the part where if you make a good salary and opt out of the government plan to get your own, you have to pay a penalty. Just by doing this, she's admitting her plan is subpar to what you can get on your own.

2. French President Nicolas Sarkozy - have you guys been reading about him? Wow - he has a backbone. Thought I would never see the day....

3. TIBS - going to have another Halloween gig?

4. Bush - I believe he needs to get out in front of the cameras more to smack down the Dems. By discussing Patreaus's report and reminding the liberals that the Dems have done nothing, it may hurt the Dems more than staying in the shadows.

5. JPC - Again, why isn't ethanol the answer?

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