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Friday, October 19, 2007
Additional Stuff

1. Nobel Peace Prize - do I even need to say anything? Arafat, Gore, even Carter? What have they ever done for peace? Why not Reagan or the U.S. Military?

2. Global Warming - Very debatable..I'm highly skeptical whether its evening happening. But I guarantee that Global Cooling will happen as the sun burns out. Years into the future, I can't wait to look down from heaven and see how the Dems blame the GOP for it.

3. Speaking of Gore (who likes to speak of Gore?), he made some wild predictions about environmental chaos which 'will occur within the next decade.' I'm going to grin when it never happens. Doomsday scenario's never seem to occur.

3. GOP Debate - anyone see Fred Thompson smack down Chris Matthews? It was great, and a direct example of Matthews trying to interject his opinion into the debate. The crowd was very quiet because it was painfully obvious what Matthews did, and he was called on it. Matthews could not gracefully gloss over it.

4. Huckabee - anyone else (besides me) feeling the love yet?

The U.S. Military for the Nobel Peace Prize? This is something a mentally challenged person says. You do know that primary job of someone in the U.S. Military is to kill people. If you look at the most recent threat assement from the U.S. military one of the main worries is rioting and civil unrest due to natural disasters. And yes, global warming causes them to occur more frequently and more intensely. By the way say thanks to GW for my canadian money being on par with the very weak us dollar.
Huckabee? Is he the purple dog from those looney toons or is he the american taliban guy who doesn't believe in evolution and wants his religious values to replace the constitution?
The U.S. Military has done more to prevent war than any other single source (and don't show ignorance by naming the U.N.). Think of South Korea, Taiwan, Israel, to name a few. The U.S. Military, just flexing some muscle, prevents the need to engage (ex: you didn't hear a peep from Syria during the Gulf war because the U.S. Military made it clear that they would completely destroy Syria's military).

Global warming is not proven; it is further unproven that man is causing it; and if man is causing it, better get Russia, China, and India to do something - because they are the biggest polluters on the planet, and I'm sure you don't want to be involved with the "blame America first" crowd. Droughts happen (happening right now in my state), blizzards happen (happened many times where I grew up; happened last year), etc, but I don't buy for a second environmental catastrophies will occur - anytime in my lifetime - due to 'Global Warming.'

And Huckabee - the good guy from Hope, Arkansas. I think his goofy last name (need I also mention the media ignoring him) is what's keeping him from getting steam.

And 'Anonymous' - sign your name.
for some reason you think the U.S. Military can flex it's own muscle. sorry but this isn't a country previously known as the USSR. flexing the U.S. Military muscle is the responsibility of CIVILIAN leadership hence jimmy carter won the nobel peace prize. how does a president who traded arms for terrorists deserve a peace prize? like I said, mentally challenged. Global warming has been proved (google it). Even G.W. has said as much along with the pope(who believes in evolution by the way). Your right on the fact that it won't directly effect you or anyone in the next 30 years(most likely) but if you have kids or care about people in developing countries you may want to rethink your position. Since when do we look to Russia, China, or India to lead the world? Just because a rightwing nutjob doesn't believe it's happening doesn't make it so. Not a good argument. By not signing my name I take away your biggest tactic which is to assail the messenger(just ask Graeme Frost).
Jimmy Carter exercised no civilian leadership over the military, or anything else. He swung a hammer for Habitat for Humanity and actively and publically lobbied very hard for the Nobel Peace Prize, and the committee awarded it to suspicion is that there was no one else worthy to give it to. (If there was, name them). Carter - a demonstrably nice man - didn't deserve the peace prize. I still don't buy global warming but, as I've stated, I definitely don't buy into catastropic predictions (a-la Gore - he will have egg on his face. Not the first time in his career), and running a Google search tells me that it isn't happening (Google therefore isn't something I would cite).

Leading by example sounds nice, and I'm all for it, but let's make sure it's practical. For any changes to actually work, EVERYONE must be on board. If the U.S. imposes more regulations upon itself, while China, Russia, and India continue to consume more and more annually - without curbing any of their pollution practices - leading by example will get us economically slammed. Over regulation has hurt this country, and my knee-jerk reaction is not to put more regulation on U.S. businesses and workers.
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