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Tuesday, October 09, 2007
Al Queda in Iraq! Who Knew?

Check out this report on Anbar province, where violence is way down.

For those on the left side of the blogosphere, have no worries, I'm not pronouncing the war won. As we've said on countless occasions, winning the war in the middle east will not be easy. There have been -- and will be -- setbacks.

What I found most interesting was this comment:

Mr Kareem and other Husaybah residents claim that the peace that followed the expulsion of al-Qa'eda has triggered an economic revival and restoration of favourite pastimes. Ghanim Mirdie Waleed, coach of the local football team, who celebrated a recent victory with cigarettes, paid tribute to the American role in Husaybah.

"The conflict here was all caused by al-Qa'eda," he said. "We work and play as we like under the coalition security. There are jobs for people, shops are opened and we are very happy."

This is big news. I had no idea that al-Qaeda was in Iraq. Of course, I may just be poorly informed about geography. Is Anbar province near Okinawa?

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