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Monday, October 29, 2007
On Point

1. Congrats to Jason and Scott. Red Sox won the World Series (dominated).

2. Congrats to Jason and Scott. I'm finally a true believer in the Patriots. This will last until they get smeared by the Bills...

3. In honor of Scott, I had a Coors Light last night. It honestly has been years since I had one, and now I know why. I'd rather have a swirlee any day.

4. Fred Thompson got into the race too late (in my opinion). The GOP (and the all important base) is not gushing over any candidate, and definitely not genuflecting to Thompson. I haven't looked at the polls, but I believe Huckabee is quietly gaining ground.

5. Sabres in DC on Monday Nov 26th and Friday Dec 14th. Anyone in? Anonymous, want to go?

i hope huckelberry taliban wins the nomination as it will seal the deal for the democrats. they need all the help they can get since their so inept at articulating ideas. I'll go to the sabres game with you and I'll even buy your ticket now that my loonies are at an all-time hi.
Anonymous - the Dems said the same thing about Reagan - and even celebrated his nomination because it was a slam-dunk that Carter would be re-elected. I hope Huckabee does get nomimated - there will be a clear difference between him and Hillary. You are correct that the Dems are inept on their ideas....but the GOP hasn't nailed theirs down well either.

You don't have to buy my ticket, but come with us. I'll let you buy me a beer.
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