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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

1. Patriots - it's amazing how luck turns their way. Until their next game against the Bills...

2. Huckabee.....anyone feeling the love yet?

3. NBC - I was watching the Sunday Night Football game last week, where during pre-game they made the announcement that the NBC network was 'Going Green' and turned down the lights on the set, made the images green, and talked about conserving electricity, etc. Talk about showing your political stripes - NBC finally, blatantly wears them on their sleeve - while still maintaining 'independence.' At least Fox News will be up-front on where they are coming from. (Cue the music - here comes Anonymous loaded for bear...).

4. Gotta love French (stop laughing) President Sarkozy - finally a guy with some backbone.

That going green stunt really drove me nuts. I wouldn't be surprised if the black lights they were using actually increased the energy consumed rather than decreased it.

If we are serious about saving energy, why not take steps to ban night-time events like this? Think about the wasted energy from lighting the stadiums around the country that can be saved by simply switching to all day games?

I'll post more on this sometime, but most of the environmentalism we see now is basically fraudulent. It is all cost-free mouthing of environmentalist propaganda. Sure, it makes everyone feel good about themselves, but the second we actually do something that affects people's lives, the story changes.

Seriously, shouldn't we be welcoming high gas prices? They encourage conservation and lead people to demand more energy efficient vehicles.

All of this is environmentalism on the cheap. If I were the administration, I'd send Kyoto to the Democratic senate and see whether they put their political careers in jeopardy by voting for it. Judging from the 0 to 98 test vote it received in the Senate during the Clinton years, I think we know how Kyoto would work out when it was a political reality for these windbags, instead of an empty rhetorical tool.
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