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Thursday, January 03, 2008
Endorsement Time (and Predictions)

Ok, Sip's weighed in on his endorsement. I suppose I should offer mine. For about a year, I've supported Giuliani. Over the past few months, it has become clear (to me, at least) that only one candidate has a consistent record as a Reagan conservative and a respect for the founders' view that the government should be small and decisions are best left to the folks back home in their states and local areas. That man, of course, is Fred! Thompson. My preference order right now: Fred, Rudy, McCain, Mitt, Huck.

I should add that I have become more impressed with Romney every time I hear him on the radio or watch him on television. Seems like a good guy, but his record is inconsistent, so he can't be my top choice. Who knows which way he will go in search of a second term? I'd vote for him, somewhat enthusiastically because I think he will be conservative, but I can't be confident enough to make him my top choice.

I am glad to see that Sip has dropped off the Huckleberry bandwagon. He's a pro-life liberal. If Bill had been 10 years younger, it would be Republican governor Bill Clinton running on the same big-government, social conservative bandwagon. No Thanks.

Prediction: Hillary comes in either 2nd or a surprisingly close 3rd. Organization matters and my guess is that the Clinton's have promised lots and lots of things to local government officials. I think there is a decent chance that it ends up Edwards, Clinton, Obama, to be honest. I could be wrong, but if that is the case, it is game, set, match for Clinton as it allows them to portray Obama as the 2008 Howard Dean. Most likely it will be Edwards, Obama, Clinton, but it will be close.

On the GOP side, no idea. Just praying Fred comes in strong enough to run on fumes until McCain flames out.

huckelberry taliban wins!!!

hilfrickinlarious :)

Welcome back! It's been a while. Glad you like the Huckabee victory. Did you make up the name Huckelberry? That's funny!
Actually, I think I said it! At least we have 1 reader!
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