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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

1. Michigan - Jason poses an interesting question - where can Mitt win next? McCain was beaten badly in 2000 in SC, Fred may get some votes there, and Huckabee will definitely get some votes there. I sense the base there (and everywhere else) isn't thrilled with McCain. The states (so far) have been soft - meaning the primaries can include independents, cross-over votes, etc. Let's get to some hardcore Republican, only-GOP-can-vote-in-the-primary states and see what develops.

2. Race - it was amusing to see the Dems snip at each other on race. They accuse the GOP of racial division during all campaigns, so they got a chance to experience it among themselves, up-close. I'm wondering if this will insulate the Republicans once the nominations are given. It's a lock that the Dems will bring up bogus racial charges, but the GOP can point to the 'truce' between the Obama/Clinton camps, and use their own words against them to hopefully mitigate any racial issues.

3. Wondering - A few years ago, after Ron Silver gave his great speech at the GOP convention, I predicted he would never work in Hollywood again. I haven't seen him since. Last night, some pundits were talking about the upcoming conventions, which reminded me of him. He seemed like a good guy, and was a U of Buffalo grad. I wonder if his career has wound down.

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