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Wednesday, January 09, 2008
New Hampshire

1. One of the things that Obama's loss proved (again) is that the 'youth vote' doesn't turn out. I know the Dems try to get the youth voting block each election, but they always seem to disappoint.

2. Polls - I don't know if I can ever trust them again...even with a margin of error, they were soooooo off.

3. Hillary - I think if she lost yesterday, she would be toast. However, Obama never says anything. People must think she has some substance.

Who's out after yesterday? From the Dem top three, can we now jettison Edwards? And if so, doesn't that favor Obama? From the good guys, is Fred done? I can still draw up a scenario for each of the other four, but Fred's running on fumes now...
Jason - By now I'm sure you have heard that Richardson is out. I'm sure he will push Hillary going forward. I'm sure Edwards isn't going to do much going forward, but he vows to stay in - probably hurting Obama more than Clinton.

Fred has got to be done. I'm sure he will drop out after S.C., but I don't know why he doesn't drop before then.

As I've said previously about Hillary, I can't picture listening to that voice for years going forward...
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