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Thursday, January 10, 2008
NH; Other

- Why were many of the headlines screaming that Hillary's win was an upset in NH? Wasn't she ahead there in the polls forever?

- Richardson is out. I'm not surprised. He'll be sucking up for a VP or Cabinet position. I still can't stand him.

- What is with 'Hanna Montana'?? I honestly don't know anything about her other than she has a young girls show on Disney channel, her dad is Billy Ray Cyrus, and she is on tour. I have boys and they don't watch the Disney channel. This is new to me. Is the show a Western? Westerns are great. Does she face off against Annie Oakley or Black Bart? America could use more westerns. (Good rule of thumb: When in doubt, do what John Wayne would do.) Should I be trying to scalp concert tickets? Does Billy Ray still have a mullet?

Hanna Montana

JPC - no idea what the buzz is about. But my 4 year old daughter (5 in a couple weeks) is wild about Hanna, and my 6 year old daughter likes here a lot.

I must be officially old, because I'm constantly saying, "I don't get it."
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