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Wednesday, January 30, 2008
Reality TV...

I'm not changing my vote. When Tuesday rolls around, I'm still pulling the lever (or whatever it is we do to vote nowadays) for Mitt. And I hope that somehow Mitt carries the day next Tuesday and eventually goes on to be the Republican nominee. I almost desperately hope so...

However - unlike Rush and Glenn Beck and quite a few other pundits out there, if McCain is on the November ballot against Billary or Oprama - I'm not staying home - I am voting for the GOP nominee. I don't like McCain's history or position on a whole host of topics, but the fact is the next President will be fighting a war and appointing judges - and first choice or not, I'd much rather have McCain making those calls than either of the two Democratic options.

If it's McCain v. Clinton and you stay at home and hold your breath - you're a fool - period.

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