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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Jason is right (I believe) in that whoever wins in N.H. is in the driver’s seat on the GOP side. Huckabee, Thompson, and Guiliani are all second-tier candidates going forward, and Guiliani’s strategy, I think at this snapshot in time, is going to cost him.

The debates did not show Huckabee in a good light; I know he’s looking to do well in South Carolina (and he might), but I’m sure conservatives will eventually abandon him. Yeah, I know, you can all pile on me that I was a Huckabee supporter. That’s when he was talking a great deal about social issues. In discussing his economic views, limiting people’s rights (ex: national smoking ban), etc, he’s living in fantasyland. And for these reasons, I don’t believe Huckabee is a good VP candidate.

Thompson was fun in the debates, but looked tired then, and throughout the campaign this far.

RE: Fear Factor

Regarding Hillary, her slide is wild. I think the question is how (and when) she exits. However, I’m not convinced that an Obama candidacy will be harder to take on than Hillary. While he is good on television, and the press clearly loves him, he actually has been short on substance. Put him and Mitt in a full campaign against each other, add in multiple debates, and let’s see where America stands. I’ll bet with Mitt...

...and if so, I can already hear the screams of ‘disenfranchisement’, the repeated yells during the campaign of underhanded racism, etc. Get ready for it all – I’m sick of it before it even begins.


Sip: 1. Romney, 2. Thompson, 3. Guiliani, 4. McCain, 5. Huckabee

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