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Monday, January 28, 2008

Obama and Teddy - nice call Sip (easy call, but you were first)

Gratuitous camera shot count: Obama: 8, Hillary: 3 (that's an unofficial count folks)

Condi count: like 20 - they were all over her tonight - is it the McCain veep talk?

Where's McCain?

"The IRS takes checks and money orders" - funny. And "Any bill that raises taxes will be met with a veto" - I was almost expecting "read my lips..."

John Kerry is friggin' tall

"Make the tax cuts permanent..." - yes please

Nice that nearly everyone applauded the success of the surge... NOW.

John Dingell is appropriately named...

A lot more foreign policy than I think the speech was billed as going in - why not right, that will certainly be his legacy, and history may well look back upon it favorably.

Hey, Bob Dole - he looks pretty good...

The Demy's response (Kathleen Sebelius): Democrats are so bloody condescending, I mean really - talk about self importance - thank God that they're starting to set us in the right direction... "The new American majority... Join us Mr. President..." Ick. Maybe the most disingenuous piece of drivel I've ever seen - but the fire in the background was a nice touch...

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