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Monday, January 28, 2008
What David said...

David Frum today on NRO:

"Many conservatives were understandably delighted to see Hillary Clinton bested in South Carolina.

If they did not sufficiently dislike her before the primary, Bill Clinton's campaign antics offered an ugly preview of the narcissism, manipulation, and brute knee-in-the-groin politics to be expected from a Clinton restoration. Ugh.

And yet, conservatives should keep three things in mind about Obama.

1) He is likely to be a tougher general election adversary than Mrs. Clinton. He is a more appealing personality, he is quicker on his feet, he has better political instincts, and he does not carry the load of ethical and personal baggage that burdens her.

2) He is much more left-wing than Mrs. Clinton. Whatever she was in 1993, she has long since been tempered by experience. As a senator, she has proven herself far more clear-eyed than Obama about threats to American security - and far less hesitant to do what it takes to keep the country safe.

3) He is much more of a risk-taker than she is. As president, he'd be much likelier to try big ambitious social schemes than she would be. If he wins, and if Democrats hold or gain in Congress, brace yourself for a burst of government activism unparalleled since 1964. His praise for Ronald Reagan is not a sign of sympathy for Reagan's principles, but an indication of an intention to carry out a 1981 in reverse.

So, bottom line: Hillary would be the weaker Democratic candidate and the more circumspect Democratic president. Distasteful as it is, if somebody has to win the Democratic nomination, conservatives should prefer that it be her.

This is what I've been saying all along - Obama won't be triangulating...

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