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Wednesday, January 16, 2008
Who’s the money on?

The latest from Intrade (formerly Tradesports Political):

In Nevada, Mitt is trading at 50.0, a sizable lead over McCain at 35.0, Rudy at 10.0, Huckabee at 7.1 and Fred at 1.6.

On the Dem side, Obama is trading at 57.0, while Hillary is at 48.0 and Edwards is at 5.0.

In South Carolina, McCain trading at 45.6 has a slim lead over Huckabee at 40.0, with Fred trading at 16.0, Mitt at 10.0 and Rudy at just 0.1.

On the Dem side, Obama is thought to be the clear winner, trading at 84.8, compared to Hillary at 20.0 and Edwards at just 1.0.

And finally in Florida, Rudy still holds a lead trading at 38.9, compared to 30.0 for McCain, 25.0 for Mitt, 10.0 for Huckabee and 2.0 for Fred.

On the Dem side, Hillary is thought to be the clear winner trading at 80.0, with Obama at 15.1 and Edwards at just 0.2.

Nationally overall, the GOP nominee lead is with McCain, currently trading at 35.5, Mitt is trading at 20.1, just in front of Rudy at 20.0. Huckabee is trading at 14.0, Fred is at 3.4, which thankfully is just in front of Ron Paul at 2.0.

For the Dems, Hillary is trading at 59.7, Obama is at 39.0, and Edwards is trading for the same price as Al Gore at 1.0.

The money is squarely on the Dems though for the November election. The Dems winning the White House is trading at 62.2, while the Republicans pulling off the upset is trading for just 35.3.

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