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Thursday, February 21, 2008
Let's get this straight.

Having sex with an 18 year old intern who works for you. A-OK.
Getting the unqualified intern a $40,000/year job at a federal agency under your authority. Perfectly fine!
Groping the breasts of an employee who comes to you for help. No problem there! That's really something for his wife to decide.
Taking out your ying-yang unannounced and asking a female employee you've never spoken to before to "suck it." A private, not a public matter!

Spending too much time with a 40 year old female lobbyist, leading some people to fear there is a romantic relationship. Scandalous!

On the positive side, if he was having sex with this woman, this should diffuse any concerns we might have about his age.


I stand corrected. The McCain Campaign is Over. CBS just killed the McCain campaign with this footage of the Senator checking into a hotel with the lobbyist. There is no question they are going in there for sex. This is just depressing. Who do we turn to now? Huckabee? Video is below.

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