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Wednesday, February 13, 2008
New Rules

Just noticed this lame Hillary attack ad against Obama:

Watch the ad. One thing that is interesting is that Obama is not depicted in black and white, as is traditional for targets of attack ads. Note that the background does appear to be black and white, though Obama appears in color.

Why the new approach to Obama. Simple: OJ.

Time magazine received a barrage of criticism for darkening the OJ arrest photo that appeared on its cover. Do you want to be the candidate accused of darkening Obama's photo and playing the race card?

I've no real opinion as to whether this is good or bad, but it is clear that the Hillary campaign is thinking about it -- otherwise, why make part of the photo black and white?

If it was election time, and this were a republican/democrat issue, in other words, the republicans were in charge, an attack of this sort would have been done months ago.
In saying that, I think the background is gray, and does have color, which makes me believe your point is moot. Keep hoping it is that easy. I will vote in every election but that of the president at this point.
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