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Thursday, February 14, 2008
Romney endorses McCain...

While watching the press conference this afternoon in which Mitt Romney endorsed John McCain, one little thought brought a smirk to my face. As much as I would prefer to face Hillary in November, I will definitely savor and enjoy the press conference in which Hillary endorses Obama...

I'd even love to watch Hillary publically have to deny an offer from Obama for the Vice Presidental slot on the ticket. I'm sure it won't happen, but if Obama wraps this up, she will have to answer that question immediately from the press. Of course she will say no, but imagine how 'insulted' she will be.
I like the way this post ignores the actual dilema we are facing, and many leaders have had success with doing just that, so i am not "dissing" the post.
I will add though, that all people of a generally collective thought need a leader, and I am struggling to find such qualities in any of ours.
Bottom line, how are you all going to vote? Will it be a usual tug on the party line, or might you enter into the the dark forrest of the the third party?
If there was a good, strong, fiscally conservative, viable third party alternative - with even a remote chance of winning, I might very well go there. But absent that - there will really be only two possible outcomes - one will be significantly worse than the other. I'd rather McCain and not Obama be making military decisions. I'd rather McCain and not Obama be appointing as many as three Supreme Court Justices to the bench. He's not perfect - he was not my first or second or third choice, but me thinks he is the only choice left...
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