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Thursday, March 20, 2008
Not that you asked, but...

Here's the NCAA answer key:

first round winners: UNC, Indy, G. Mason, Wash St., Oklahoma, Louisville, Butler, Tenn, Kansas, UNLV, Clemson, Siena, USC, Wisc, Davidson, Gtown, Memphis, Oregon, Mich St., Pitt, Marquette, Stanford, St. Marys, Texas, UCLA, BYU, Drake, UConn, Baylor, Xavier, Arizona, Duke

sweet 16: UNC, Wash St., Louisville, Tenn, Kansas, Clemson, Wisc, Gtown, Memphis, Pitt, Marquette, Texas, UCLA, Drake, Baylor, Duke

elite eight: UNC, Tenn, Kansas, Gtown, Pitt, Texas, UCLA, Duke

final four: UNC, Kansas, Pitt, Duke

championship game: Kansas, Duke

winner: Kansas

No charge.

Just returned to the office from Xavier's comeback win over Georgia.

TJ must be happy.
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