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Tuesday, March 18, 2008
Obama's Speech

Obama has returned to the world of ordinary politicians. Though some will say what a great speechmaker he is, that's largely irrelevant to the fact that we are now fighting on ground that is very unfavorable to the perpetuation of the myth that we can somehow absolve ourselves or the country of racism by electing Obama.

He didn't disavow his relationship with Wright, who is an anti-American racist. By staying true to Wright, he opens himself up to whatever the next round of videos reveals. In addition, he admitted that he lied to the American people when he earlier stated that he hadn't heard Wright's controversial comments. Sure -- he had qualified it with "those particular" comments, but that's a Clintonian obfuscation which most people recognize for what it is, a lie.

Two-fold prediction:

1. Obama sat through a number of church sessions which were Anti-semitic and anti-gay. I stole this one from Skip. Don't think so? How likely is it that a church that honors Farrakhan never dealt with those issues? We've already heard some of the hint-hint sort of antisemitism (we all know who our real enemies are, but can't talk about Israel, wink-wink). The anti-gay stuff is the next shoe to drop.

2. Obama and his wife will have to do a 60-minutes style sit-down where they tell us that they can't be racist because, well, some of their very best friends are white!

My gut says that Obama is a sinking ship. He is off-narrative and I don't think he will recover. Sure, he'll play well in black areas and white liberal areas, but he will have a tougher time in swing states like Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Florida. Obama's message in this speech: it's ok for black people to be racist haters because white people are really, really bad (especially that b---- Geraldine Ferraro) doesn't quite resonate.

Contrast Obama's behavior -- where he sat and listened to this sort of nonsense without speaking up for 20+ years -- with McCain's immediate disavowal of Billy Cunningham's "Barack Hussein Obama" comments. Obama looks like a typical politician - and when that happens, he's just an inexperienced political hack from Chicago who gives a good speech.

The only question is whether Hillary can convince the super-delegates before it is too late.

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