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Thursday, March 13, 2008
Prostitution: Let's break this down.

The Chicago Sun Times is reporting that this Spitzer call-girl story may impact others, including a "Client #10" from Chicago. The story says it isn't Jordan. But why is this particular client attracting so much interest, and not, say, Clients numbers 1 through 8?

What, if anything, would connect two high profile figures from Chicago and New York to a sex club that is willing to deliver its services to Washington, DC?

Final question: can anyone think of any other wealthy, high profile political figure that would be stupid enough -- yet horny enough -- to use this type of service? Perhaps someone with a sex addiction? Do you think it is possible that this person with a sex addiction who uses these services might, in the course of his travels, find out about other high profile figures using the service?

No answers today, only questions. Just trying to connect the dots on this Chicago-New York-Washington axis and coming up empty.

You are in Luck!

I've been able to get hidden video of a recent training session held by the Emperor's Club management. Perhaps this will shed some additional light on the subject.

My money is on one of these five.
1) John Ashcroft
2) Herbie Hancock
3)James Belushi
4) Wesley Clark
5) Richard Daley.
It won't be Obama, as it is a known fact in some circles that Obama buys all his skin overseas, particularly Thailand.
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