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Tuesday, March 18, 2008
Protests Tomorrow

It's spring break and many college kids without dates need something to do, so they are going to show up in our nation's Capitol tomorrow and disrupt the lives of the common decent people who live here and work for a living. Below is one of the fourteen events that they have planned during the day.

"Separate Oil and State at the American Petroleum Institute in the early morning with No War, No Warming. Help create a People's Green Zone in front the American Petroleum Institute. Big Oil pours millions into political campaigns and lobbying, helped get us into Iraq, is keeping us there in a planned long-term occupation and is obstructing the shift to a clean energy economy. Our Green Zone will highlight our opposition but also our commitment to building a future built upon wind, solar and other urgently-needed clean energy sources. Nonviolent civil disobedience, street theatre, creative props and leafleting and more!"

Ambitious schedule and a full day. No wonder they all look so dirty and sickly - poor kids never take a moment to stop and eat. On the other hand, maybe they can no longer afford it because the price of food has gone up due to the increased use of ethanol???

There were about two dozen peaceful protestors (except our 60 yr. old Admin. Ass't had to drop the F-bomb after repeatedly asking the children to move). They didn't even generate much noise and were gone after about and hour and 1/2. Code Pink brought a single pink canopy bed - "Put the War to Bed"??? I think the protest groups brought more photographers than protestors. Pretty lame. The professional left can't even generate a good demonstration anymore. They should revise their tactics. Maybe they were spread too thin? I was hoping for some good street theater?! - can't beat good leftist street theater for reminding you that it's good to be a Conservative.
The young ones, and some older people, prefer the World Trade Organization protests. To go, you usually have to plan months in advance ( unless you live where it is happening). Its sort of like a bunch of kids in the 70's planning to follow the Greatful Dead for a summer. Except with better costumes, a much higher price tag, and distinctly more incidences of violence. Alot of those kids and adults want to take a beating from the cops or local military. They won't die, and it will be a great story to tell when they are older. I'm glad we have protesters, but not so much the pro's. The pro's are like the ruiners of many good ideas in this country. They cheapen and oversell something. It is like how radio stations kill a song by over playing it. I like hey there deliala the first ten times I heard it.
They are the culture killers. The guilt of this nation is on there shoulders.
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