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Monday, April 21, 2008
Pope Benedict XVI

I was fortunate enough to attend the Washington DC mass by Pope Benedict XVI. While I didn’t have any preconceived notions for the mass, my expectations where quite high, and the mass totally surpassed them. It was simply a glorious event – wish you all could have been there.

I watched the various news channels throughout the week, and it seemed like there was actual disappointment from some channels that the Pope was clearly embraced by the American people. There was no huge controversy – I kept hearing from the talking heads that the Catholic Church was ‘in crisis’ but there was no evidence of it. Pope Benedict spoke a lot about the clergy sexual abuse in the American, and his actions (meeting with abuse victims, praying at the World Trade Center site, attending the synagogue, meeting with disabled children, etc.) set a great example. All in all, a very productive and successful trip.

Agree that the new media seemed off guard. The Pope did a great job delivering a conservative message subtly.

I saw him at the White House. Great memorable experience for me and my family.

I left that afternoon and went to Vegas. Truly dichotomy day!
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