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Tuesday, April 29, 2008
Wow. Who didn't see that coming?

So... how is that "national conversation on race" working out?

All the Obamaniacs were insistent that the critics of Obama's Philadelphia speech had blinders on and totally missing what a turning point this was, not just for Obama's candidacy, but the country.

Turns out, the critics were dead on. Obama's speech was a huge blunder -- rather than putting the issue behind him, it allowed the problem to fester for several more weeks before Wright revealed himself to be the exact same guy we saw in the tapes.

Does that surprise anyone?

I'll say it again: Obama never expected to be in this position. He was running to be the voice of black America rather than president. When he discovered he could actually win the presidency, it was too late to make the break. At the very least, Obama could count on black voters delivering for him through the primaries, allowing him to finish a strong second or third, and gaining some recognition as a force in American politics. His original strategy was to rely on ministers, like Wright, to prop him up even as Hillary was racking up wins.

Somewhat ironic, but the new voice of black America (for this week at least) appears to be Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

Instapundit has a full roundup of reactions here.

two wars
food shortage
gas prices that could hit $10
health care system that's a joke
crumbling infrastructure
educational system that's a joke
and yet how is what some crazy pastor of one of the candidates says is the biggest topic.

we are in bigger trouble that previously thought
Two Wars - you against both of em?

Recession - there is no recession. Just today, the feds reporte the economy grew last quarter. I'm not saying the economy isn't slowing, but understand what a recession is.

Food Shortage - prices are up, as supply is down. But shortage....nah. I haven't heard what Obama will do to 'solve' this.

Health Care - While we have the best health care in the world, the system is pretty nutty. But there's no way more gov't involvement can help.

Educational System - turn it over to the locals. Obama can't help this one either.

Crazy Pastor - yep...crazy is the word. However, Obama is being defined by him. Huge Obama mistake (nobody else's).
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