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Monday, July 28, 2008

1. Anyone hear Obama's speech in Germany? The one where he said (paraphrasing), "I know I don't look like the previous American leaders who came and spoke to you," injecting the color of his skin into the speech?? Everyone agrees not to make race a part of this election - everyone except Obama.

2. At this snapshot in time, I think McCain has a good shot of winning. Really, I do. Just like with Cheney in 2000, (dare I say it) we just need to hope that there are no medical issues between now and the election.

3. I read Peggy's column a few weeks ago (I can't find the link), but she wrote something that I think will occur. She wrote that the race will be quite close through the rest of summer and into the fall, but then something will happen. Could be a gaffe, a 'hot mike' incident, etc, but something will cause the country to lean towards one candidate over the other. With judicial appointments at stake, I'm definitely hoping the country leans our way.

4. I find it funny how I've seen pundits, etc, on the cable shows try to portray McCain as a nice guy with undeniable patriotism, but a raging right-wing lunatic. If only!!

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