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Monday, August 18, 2008
the coming “test”

As you boys know, I’ve been calling the election of President O’Bama a lock for a good six months now. And while I would still put my money that way today if forced to (as you know I’m not really the gambling type), I must admit I am now considerably less certain of this outcome and would no longer refer to it as a “lock.” Frankly, I’m surprised. And clearly, the media is surprised to – O’Bama is out covered by the media by a 3:1 margin in most major newspapers, and by an even larger ratio on most of network television. The tone of those stories is also markedly different, favoring Senator O’Bama in almost embarrassing fashion.

So with the race so “surprisingly” close, I predict the following story line will begin to emerge – particularly if the race remains close after the party conventions – this election is a test.

O’Bama is so clearly the superior candidate, so clearly what the country needs after the disastrous Bush administration, so clearly the “correction” that the American people owe the rest of world after mistakenly electing President Bush to not one but two terms, so clearly the correct outcome that what this election really boils down to is a test – a test of the American electorate to see if they’re finally “ready” to elect a black President. Since he is so clearly the best option – the only conceivable reason that the American people might not elect him is that he’s black. Given the “clarity” of the choice, this election is simply a test to determine if we have finally overcome our inherent racism. And if the American people fail to elect Senator O’Bama, they will have failed that test…

Jason - good point. 'Race' has barely been a part of this election, and when it is brought up, it's Obama and the Dems who do it.

The topic is just too ripe for the Dems not to use it as much as possible during the fall.
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