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Monday, August 11, 2008

What the @*!# is President Bush waiting for to say something - anything - in strong support of our Democratic ally being overrun by Russian tanks?

In a scathing commentary on our lack of a response to this naked aggression by Russia (and our recent record in similar circumstances), Jonathan Foreman on NRO states:

"As Russian bombs rain down on key Georgian military bases, Ukraine and the Baltic states know all too well that they are next on the list for Russian invasion — probably with the same pretext of protecting Russian citizens — if the Kremlin gets away with crushing Georgia."

Not to mention this thug's (Putin) delusional claim to the North Pole just a few months ago. We're watching the Cold War start up again right before our eyes. Can't wait to see how President O'Bama handles that...

Foreman concludes:

"We don’t have to go to war for her (fortunately for irresolute Western governments, Georgia’s not in NATO) but we must back her in every other way: diplomatically, economically and with military technology and advice, now and after any ceasefire that is called.

If we don’t, if we let our ally be defeated and humiliated by the Russians, everyone will know that friendship with America carries more risk than rewards. Moreover it will genuinely signal a new age of American isolation. The diminution and weakness described or predicted by so many “declinist” authors will become a reality.

It was less than four months ago that NATO agreed that Georgia should become a full fledged member of the alliance. Well that prospective member elect is under assault from a known hostile force - what will the US and her NATO allies do in response? Anything?

I can't believe you guys finally woke up. for 8 years you have been defending the worst president in history. ignoring intelligence on terrorist attacks didn't do it. lying about a war with iraq didn't do it. stripping the values of the country we hold most dear didn't do it. ignoring the people of new orleans didn't do it. tanking the us dollar and economy didn't do it. i guess seeing him hang out with basketball stars and chilling on the beach watching volleyball while the red bear rolled into georgia was enough to break even the thickest of numbskulls. kudos guys kudos
Thanks for the kudos buddy - sorry it took me so long to come around to your enlightened brilliance...
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