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Saturday, August 30, 2008
An Open Letter to Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

I just thought I would write a quick note, as your recent comments had me thinking...

We used to have a regular contributor, named Tim, who was as liberal as you can get. He wrote in regularly for about a year, then finished his Masters degree, moved across the country, had a family, etc, and doesn’t contribute anymore. But we loved having him write in. Although we are conservative and he is liberal, his patriotism was unquestioned, his thoughts, while primarily at odds with ours (there were some similarities), were generally positive in tone, and he was mostly respectful of everything written. While he definitely gave us some zingers, he offered a genuine liberal perspective to the issues of the day, while confronting us, contradicting us, and not often agreeing with us. But he did it with professionalism, poise, and (mostly) optimism. We had some highly intelligent, aggressive, thought-provoking debates, and we miss him. Some of us have gotten together with him when he was in town for a few beers and continued discussions.

Tim and SCG’s shared common visions – a safe country, low crime, prosperity for all, etc, we just all have a different approach on how to get there. We would truly welcome another solid liberal contributing to the site. So instead of merely being a bastion of negativity, why don’t you offer some thoughtful insights, true wit, and some constructive thoughts from the liberal perspective? I for one am looking forward to it.

To that end, crack a beer, hoist it for for Obama and Biden, and I will do the same for McCain and Palin. Then I'll hoist another, then another, then another...

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