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Wednesday, August 20, 2008
Vice President...

Well, supposedly we're getting closer to knowing who will round out the O'Bama and Mac tickets. There have been some notable moves on Intrade in last 48 hours or so, and here's what the Dem's picture currently looks like:

Joe Biden still leads, with the most recent trade at 38.1, but that's down a hefty 11.7 from the recent high. Current bid is 38.1 and current ask is 41.0.

Tim Kaine comes in second with the most recent trade at 23.3, up a fat 10.3 in the last 24 hours. Current bid is 17.0 and current ask is 24.9.

Evan Bayh is a close third with the most recent trade at 20.0, and that's also up quite bit, 7.9 higher in the last 24 hours. Current bid is only 12.1 though and the current ask is 21.1.

Kathy Sebelius and Wesley Clark round out the top five trading at 15.9 and 10.1 respectively, and both are up a couple of points over the last 24 hours. Hillary is sitting just outside the top five at 8.0 (with an ask below that).

On the GOP side, the top five look like this:

A virtual tie for the top spot between Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty, with last trades of 30.0. Romney's there on higher volume, but his current ask is 29.0 while Pawlenty's holding at 30.0. Pawlenty's got a wider spread though, with 25.5 the current high bid to 26.0 for Romney.

Charlie Crist, who's seemingly dropped off the radar of late, is holding steady in third at 15.0. Current bid is only 9.0 though and the current ask is 15.0.

Rob Portman also has a last trade of 15, but that is seemingly a while ago, as the current ask is only 12.5 and the current bid is only 8.3.

Joe Leiberman rounds out the top five at 12.1 and that represents a significant 7.1 increase in the last 48 hours. The ask has dropped to 9.3 though, and the current bid is only 6.3.

Others of note include Tom Ridge, who's plummeted 9.1 over the last 24 hours to his current 11.0 level with a pretty tight spread of 10.0 on the bid and 11.9 on the ask. Sarah Palin is also in the neighborhood at 9.8 on increasing volume, with a current bid of 6.0 and a current ask of 9.8.

I'm predicting Evan Bayh and Mitt Romney (at least today)...

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