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Friday, August 29, 2008
What you didn't hear in Denver this week...

From Hillary to Bill, from Joe Biden to Kerry and Gore - you heard a lot of people telling you why we need Barrack O'Bama. But what you didn't hear - not once - was vote for Barrack because of ________ that he's done - because of the legislation that he's authored, the decisions he made, the plans he's executed, his military or executive experience - none of that - because there's nothing there. Hillary and Bill each gave great Clinton speeches - and team O'Bama certainly can't complain about their efforts - but Hillary essentially said "vote for O'Bama because he's a democrat, and democrats are better," and Bill essentially said "vote for O'Bama because I know what it takes to be President and O'Bama's got it." And that's not a criticism of the Clintons - what else could they say? Even both end s of their ticket, Joe Biden and O'Bama himself spent more time talking about John McCain and trying desperately to tie him to President Bush than talking about O'Bama's accomplishments - because there aren't any. As Hillary stated so eloquently just a few months ago "I know Senator McCain has a lifetime of experience that he will bring to the White House, and Senator O'Bama has a speech he gave..."

I can't wait to hear the dems try and knock Governor Palin over her lack of experience...

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