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Monday, September 08, 2008

Clearly, the Obama camp sees its internals plummeting and in response, they are giving the public what it wants, some good ole' fashioned conservatism.


Obama now says he doesn't want to repeal the Bush tax cuts!

Biden says life "begins at conception!"

Obama says, "the surge worked."

Obama desperate to convince gun owners he "won't take away their guns"!

That has to hurt, at least a little. Next up, Joe Biden shouting "Drill, baby, drill!"

Once again, we see this playing out. Presidential candidates move rightward, not leftward. It's almost as if conservative policies are popular or something.

The Democrats are on the wrong side of the issues important to those rust belt voters: guns, abortion, taxes, and energy. Even their edge on the war is gone.

You know what might work? A bunch of commercials telling Americans how many homes McCain owns. Now that's a winning strategy!

This may be the worst run campaign ever. Obama may still win, but in an election year where he should be blowing out the Republicans, he's behind. Frankly, I'm a bit shocked that he would point to his campaign as a good example of his management ability. He has every advantage in the world - hundreds of millions in earned media and a fawning press corps, Republican party ID at its lowest in 20 years, an unpopular Republican president - and he's managed his campaign into a deadlock, at best, with 8 weeks to go. Worse than that, he's taken a huge financial edge over Republicans and burned through his money with a bizarre 57! state strategy. As a result, he'll be spending some of his weekends during the home stretch raising money in LA and NYC -- and taking hits for celebrity worship - while McCain is hitting small towns across the rust belt.

Yep, he's a managerial genius!

In all seriousness, given the advantages that Obama has enjoyed, I think this may be the worst run campaign ever. The fact that he may still win tells you why someone like Palin is so well received in the Republican party, which has frittered away its moral standing on spending in favor of photographs for their local papers presenting oversized checks to special interests and nonprofits in their district.


Hillary's presidential chances increase substantially if McCain wins. In this event, it is likely that Palin will run for the GOP in 2012 with little opposition. Democrats will have to run a woman. It will not be Gov. Sebeilus of Kansas, she was a disaster at the convention. That makes it almost impossible for Democrats not to name Hillary, who will have been proven right about Obama. This will set up an all female presidential race - Hillary versus Palin. By nominating Hillary, the Dems ensure a female president and give the party the best chance of beating Palin.

speaking in tongues!!!
faith healing!!!

awesome pick johnny boy
awesome pick
part of me hopes obama loses just to see how screwed up this country can get.
in the last election, the only people that i know that actually voted for bush were people who really wanted to see the shit hit the fan.

many of them were young kids with no goals and no future and they really wanted to see the country collapse. they thought the quickest way to it was to vote for bush.
It doesnt really matter who mccain chose as a running mate. Anyone would have been well received by the republican party.

It's bizarre to me that you guys think palin is the best choice to potentially lead this country. This shows me how messed up this entire situation really is.
OK "anonymous," I'll play - of the two candidates for the job, tell me why Senator Obama is better suited for it than Senator McCain.
And 'Poop Smith' - if that is the type of people you hang around with, your name is justified.
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