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Friday, September 12, 2008
Flash: Rosenbergs were not guilty, unless you think treason is a crime!

This is a great story. The Rosenbergs were a married couple that was convicted of espionage and executed in the early 1950s. The far left has defended the Rosenbergs for sixty years and pointed to this trial as a case of McCarthyism gone amuck.

Now, one of the co-conspirators -- who is now 91 - is admitting they they did pass along secrets to our Russian enemies. But don't worry, there are still two good reasons we should feel bad about executing these two traitors.

1. The atomic bomb secrets they passed to the Russians were not all that important anyway.

2. The Russians had all the information they needed anyhow, and

3. Ethel herself was not a spy. Sure, she knew her husband was plotting to undermine his country and put his countrymen at risk, but she didn't actually handle the documents herself.

Man, I'm shocked. I can't believe that the Rosenbergs were guilty. All the famous leftists of the day said it wasn't so. Someday, we will find out that Sacco and Venzetti were actually murderers.

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