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Tuesday, September 02, 2008
Isn't anyone embarrassed yet?

The attack coverage of the Palin family these past few days has been unprecedented in it's depth and viciousness - it's like a private investigator stalking a spouse suspected of cheating. It's gross. Look at the current home page of The Huffington Post today - now tell me when - ever - that that a conservative media outlet of any kind has sunk to such depths.

And of course all this allows Obama to stay "above the fray" - it's a win/win for him. Mike Murphy on Meet the Press Sunday started to say "I talked with top Obama's strategists who was like 'we've got to be very careful about this because they're expecting the press to go make Sarah Palin famous in a bad way' and they'd be very happy with that. Maybe not approach..." - at which point he was cut off by Tom Brokaw who wasn't going to have someone discussing team OBama's very realistic expectations about his media arm's efforts on his behalf.

Finally, what the hell has happened to Andrew Sullivan? How far down his he sunk? He's now just another sleaze peddler mentioned in the same sentence with the Daily Kos...

I honestly believe it shows the nervousness of the Left about Palin. I think they are flipping-out scared that she could get serious traction....

But there is NO excuse for the Huffington Post, nor MSNBC, etc. They are actively campaigning for Obama, and have sunk waayyyy low.

Sullivan - has become a freak.
Sara Palin is likeable, certainly not even close to being qualified to be the commander and chief, but likeable.
Attacks on her and her family won't work, they will only gain sympathy from the female vote.
As it is widely known I always vote for cute chicks, so the republicans are winning my vote again.

Although before the Palin choice Obama was looking pretty good, I'm a sucker for pleated pants, but I digress.
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