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Wednesday, September 03, 2008
Newt Fix...

the big issue that newt touched on is the fact the party has made a tremendous shift away from conservatism and more towards the democrats way of governing.

there no longer are any fiscally responsible parties to vote for, just big government programs, big wars, it really is all a big joke on the american people.

most of feel the same as the interviewer did at the end of that clip as he looked at newt in utter disbelief.

on a positive note though, it is good to see the following that ron paul has gotten. he may be completely insane, but i am glad to see the number of young people who are interested in libertarian ideals and minimizing government spending.
Much of what you say is true - many would argue that the lack of fiscal discipline exhibited by the GOP over the past eight years or so is precisely what has landed them in the situation they now find themselves in - minority party status in both houses, likely to shrink even further this year, and with a monumental uphill battle to try and retain the white house.

Most of us here at SCG have expressed a number of issues and concerns about John McCain in this very area (for me particularly in his seeming embrace for expensive "global warming" projects). However, the one thing John McCain can not be accused of is excessive (or any really) earmarks, pet projects or pork. Governor Palin has a similar (albeit less lengthy) record of cutting expenditures and reducing taxes.

Certainly of the two tickets with an actual chance at being elected, the GOP ticket represents the more "limited government" outlook. Is that sufficient? No. But it is certainly preferable to the New Deal/Great Society style expansion that would undoubtedly follow an OBama election.

As for Ron Paul, I don't think he's insane (completely), but a scary percentage of his supporters are - and unfortunately folks like your namesake coddle up to those wackos like the 9/11 truthers wayyy too much and that seriously detracts from Congressman Paul's credibility. If Paul's campaign does in fact get more young people and mentally stable voters interested in libertarianism, than I agree with you, that is a good thing.
Sorry, Jesse. I just don't see any indication from Newt's comments that the Republicans are moving towards the Democrats.

In fact, what drew Joe Lieberman to our side was his party's morally reprehensible efforts to undermine our troops and secure defeat in Iraq.

What evidence is there in this election that Republicans need to move to the left? It's Obama who is running from his abortion votes. It's Obama who is pretending to support gunrights.

The fact is, McCain's positions on spending, guns, taxes and abortion are solid Republican positions. The fact that the party strayed on spending is shameful and the party is paying a price, as it should.

Is it McCain's positions on global warming that make him a moderate? It is good to see both McCain and Obama racing to support offshore drilling, then. Here in Ohio, we are seeing pro drilling ads left and right. The Speaker won't even have a vote on the issue because she knows that the American people support drilling.

Maybe it is foreign policy: Did McCain move to the Democrats position and oppose the surge? Nope. Now, even Democrats are admitting that McCain was right - the surge is working.

One issue that both candidates are on the left on is Immigration. Curiously, they both agree with Bush, so I'm not sure this represents a big shift leftward. In addition, neither side is talking about immigration - why? Because they are both on the wrong side of the issue as far as public opinion.

Seriously, what's the evidence that the Republicans are moving leftward? If anything, they are moving to the right - on spending. And that's a change I welcome.
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