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Thursday, September 04, 2008
Wed. Night Convention

So what'd you think?

What does McCain have to do tomorrow?


McCain who? Can't Palin be our nominee?

* McCain should just give Palin a second night. Just walk up to the mike and say, "I pass." And have Palin go at it again.

* 8 weeks is a long time, but Palin has passed the first test.

* If I were running the campaign, she would spend the next 8 weeks visiting small towns in Minnesota, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

* One line I thought I would hear but didn't: "I know that I don't look like all the other vice-presidents..."

* Democrats should not count on the media to bring them over the line in this election. They couldn't do it in 2000 or 2004 and they won't be able to do it now. That isn't to say the media doesn't matter - I just build in the 5 point media edge that the Democrats will get. The difference is that at the presidential level, Republican candidates can go over the heads of the media. We'll see if McCain can pull it off. I expect it to be razor thin.

* Why do I dismiss the media? Time and time again we've seen Democrats leave their convention with 12-17 point leads only to have them disappear? The reason that Democrat leads disappear is that for 8 weeks every 4 years the Republican message actually gets out -- starting at the convention and building through the debates and the advertising. Most Americans will get their information on the election from the ads, not the dying dinosaur media or the daily Kos. The media cocoon works against democrats in the end anyhow, as they misjudge big issues and are completely blindsided by obvious things.

* Palin has really energized the base in a way that I have not seen since Reagan. I would expect to see Palin-McCain shirts hitting the shelves pretty soon. This will mean a great deal on the ground and will help even out the money race here on out.

* All those Democrats who told us that it was too bad Republicans weren't smart enough to nominate a reasonable guy like John McCain may have been right. Thanks for the good advice, Democrats! I still love Rudy (tonight is one reason why) but McCain was the best candidate we could have put up this year.

* While Palin was good, imagine the thrill of seeing Governor Pawlenty or former Budget director Portman up there! Now that would have been a real show. Of course, we could have gone in another direction and split the Republican party eight weeks prior to the election by nominating Ridge, or Huck, or Lieberman, or Lindsay F*n Graham. Alternatively, we could have chosen Mitt Romney and split the evangelical vote and lived through 8 weeks of rich republican ads. So, I guess I can see the argument that Palin's a disaster.

* My choice, Kasich, wasn't even mentioned among any of the serious picks, pretty much ever.

* How's McCain's reckless judgment look now?

it's bizarro world with you guys.
I've reordered your list notice anything?

How's McCain's reckless judgment look now?

*McCain who? Can't Palin be our nominee?

* McCain should just give Palin a second night. Just walk up to the mike and say, "I pass." And have Palin go at it again.

you are somehow confusing panic with giddy
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