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Wednesday, October 01, 2008
Pelosi's gamble

Much to her chagrin, Nancy Pelosi let the federal governments moratorium on offshore drilling expire last week. She had been told, and finally heard the message, that if an extension was included in any bill, the bill was doomed to fail.

The desire to drill has grown incredibly strong, even in her own party. The fact that Nancy can't include it in a bill AND expect it to pass becaue its inclusion would be the reason the bill would be fail in incredible. Add that the Dem. leadership's opposition to offshore drilling is really hurting Dem. candidates. Nancy finally had to cave and let the moratoria expire. She let it go, with the plan, as her angry NRDC friends stated, to fix it next year. Interesting short-term play. I'm still amazed and would never have expected this to happen! The extension of the moratoria is a cornerstone legacy liberal environmental policy position.

It seems that she has alienated the Blue Dogs, centrist Dems, and middle America by so overplaying her liberal card - not just on this access issue, but along with many others. Nancy is completely out of touch with the rest of the country and her parties middle and right is defecting on her. Those that have been in vulnerable seats, or those that are now in vulnerable seats due to recent events, are scared and running away from her. The Congressional Black Caucus cut and ran on Nancy on the Bailout Bill vote, some not even willing to talk to her on the floor. The Majority leadership cannot get anything done. Discontent with the leadership is snowballing.

As a result of the leadership pushing a far left agenda and being out of touch with middle America, I have been predicting for a while that Democrats will pick up seats in '08, but will lose a whole lot of seats in '10.

It'll be interesting to watch how the moratorium issue plays out. American's support for domestic drilling and access is polling 70 - 80% favorable right now. This extension has to go to the top of the liberal enviros must-do list. If she pushes a new moratorium in the spring, will it pass? How will the voting public react? Oil royalties are the second highest federal government revenue stream after income taxes and states get their own share of the revenue. If a new moratorium is proposed, how will CBO score the potential massive loss of revenue to the federal gov't from anticipated new drilling? If the Dem. leadership is still following pay-go rules, how do they pay for the loss of revenue? Are governors drooling over the benefit that new drilling will have and the potential massive increase in royalties to their state coffers? How do they weigh-in?

Pelosi; Other ramble

- Can we start keeping track of all of the Democratic priority bills that the Democratic majority hasn't been able to pass this year? In the energy world alone: Alternative energy tax incentives, increased taxes on oil companies, price gouging, market manipulation, the Majority's own weak "access" bill, etc. Can't pass the AMT bill. They'll still need to pass a Continuing Resolution to extend last year's appropriations because they haven't passed the bills to fund the government and its expenses.

- Still angry at Wall Street, Congress and the Admin for not doing their jobs and for looking the other way on the issues that led to this financial crisis. I'd love to see someone stick it to Frank, Dodd, Schumer and the others.

- I love every picture that shows Rahm Emmanuel standing next to or behind Pelosi as she explains why they keep failing the American people. Let him share some of the blame.

- How 'bout them FOUR and OH Bills?

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