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Wednesday, October 22, 2008
Socialism in America today

I'll admit that wasn't a poli sci major and don't know the distinctions between all the different forms of government and political philisophies. (TJ - can I get a hand here?)

My sons are of the age that they are taking an interest in the World Wars. After numerous questions, I'd recently been trying to explain what happened to allow Hitler to come to power, how his government was established, what type of government it was etc.

My older son was trying to draw out distinctions between types of governments and I spent some time trying to explain differences between socialism, national socialism, democracies, communism, etc. With federized education, transportation, welfare, pensions, and federal support for favored industries including autos and farmers, and now the nationalization of banks and soon healthcare, it became tough for me to draw distinctions between our supposed democracy and socialism or national socialism. I had to get very specific.

Under Obama, it simply won't get better. I'm absolutely frightened - Especially with the redistribution of wealth - higher taxes, more stimulus checks, more leniency for failed creditors, etc.

here is an example

take % from oil companies profits and distribute to citizens of your state

no wonder they want to secede
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