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Monday, November 03, 2008
Six tips for a more environmentally friendly post-election riot…

Obama supporters will almost certainly be rioting in the streets tomorrow night and into Wednesday – either in stunned outrage that the ignorant and racist were once again able to steal the election – or in celebration (like when after you win a professional sports championship). Either reason is an understandable and socially acceptable means of expressing one’s self, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t be environmentally responsible at the same time…

So here are a few tips for conducting a more sustainable and environmentally friendly riot:

1. Please make all signs, placards and other protest materials out of earth-friendly recyclable materials

2. Remember that natural stones are preferable to manufactured materials for breaking car windshields, smashing storefront windows and throwing at fascist riot police

3. If possible, place recycle bins beneath storefront windows before breaking them so that the glass can be properly recycled

4. When looting electronics or appliance stores, please make a conscious effort to steal only products that carry the energy-star label

5. When making your Molotov cocktails, remember to use grain alcohol rather than gasoline, as it burns cleaner

6. When setting cars or fixed structures on fire, it will probably be difficult to use carbon capture technology – therefore, please plan on purchasing an appropriate number of carbon credits for each blaze you set

There will surely be plenty of justifiable reasons to riot tomorrow night – either in protest or in celebration – but let’s remember to riot responsibly…

Who was the last Republican president elected without a Bush or a Nixon on the ticket?
I think this is a fitting last piece to this puzzle; it's solved, the "People have Spoken", not the lot I hang out with, none the less, a lot of them.
Well I know the puzzle is not solved, but think your's(Jason)gave a fitting goodbye for the people as you are all going to lock the hatch for awhile, as you need to.
See you when you come back up for air!
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