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Saturday, May 30, 2009
I hate to beat a dead horse, but this Hot Air story about conservatism on the upswing in the Midwest is exactly what I am talking about.

Ostermeier’s data suggests that the way forward for Republicans isn’t to find people who will meekly acquiesce to Obama’s fiscal policies, but to find candidates willing and able to express and defend conservative principles. If every action produces an equal and opposite reaction, Obama’s radical restructuring of the American economy gives conservatives a great opportunity to take seats in Congress at the midterms.

No question, the Democrats were a great opposition party. Maybe the best ever. They were able to criticize Republicans from both the left and the right (does that make the GOP centrist?). The Republicans were stingy meanies, and they were letting the deficit get out of control. The Republicans were warmongers, and they were weak because they didn't want to invade Pakistan like Obama would. If only we tossed out the Republicans, we would eat rainbows and shit ice cream; the sky would rain gumdrops and Israelis would be at peace with Palestinians, the lion would lay down with the lamb and dogs and cats would live together.

Governing has proven much, much more difficult. Now, it turns out that GITMO is an "ideal" prison and our Obama loving allies in Europe are not all that keen on taking terrorists into their country. Enhanced interrogation is horrible torture that we will not ever do, but we reserve the right to use it if it's really, really important. Electronic surveillance is ok too. Spending trillions of taxpayer dollars isn't really the road to prosperity. Taking over the car companies and handing them over to the politicians and the unions isn't really working out.

Luckily, Obama is a regular guy who goes out on burger runs with his good buddy, Joe Biden. Hey, wasn't Biden Obama's first real important decision after winning the nomination? Good thing he didn't nominate an intellectual lightweight for Vice President like John McCain did -- what would we have done then?

CORRECTION: Obama's defense secretary didn't describe GITMO as "ideal." Rather, he called it the "finest prison in the world." I regret the error.

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