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Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Staying Consistent

As a conservative, I think it is important for the Republican party to put principles ahead of politics. Admittedly, holding our party leaders to high standards will sometimes put us at a disadvantage.

Case in point: a few years back, we had a county legislator who was arrested for DWI. The majority leader of our caucus -- one of the most honorable men I've ever had the privilege to work with -- went on television that night and publicly said he should resign. Around the same time, a democratic state legislator who headed up the state committee on alcohol and drugs was also arrested for DWI. The Democrats circled the wagons and her political career continued. Likewise, compare and contrast the two party's reaction to Bob Livingston and Bill Clinton's infidelities (and Clinton's numerous felonies committed as part of the cover-up).

Nonetheless, principles first, party second.

My point: South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford needs to resign. Sanford failed to fulfill his constitutional duty when he left the state (heck, he left the country!) without taking the proper steps to ensure that the executive responsibilities could be discharged effectively in his absence. That's simply unacceptable.

I should also mention that I think it is a mistake to go all crazy bananas at David Letterman's bad joke. Yes, Letterman displayed incredibly poor taste. Yes, the children of politicians should be off-limits, as they don't volunteer for the limelight. Yes, this gets complicated because politicians use their children as props in all kinds of ways. Still, the kids have no choice -- so making a national joke out of them is the wrong thing to do. This goes for Obama's kids, Chelsea, Biden's kids, as well as Palin's kids.

That said, I don't think the Republicans should try to emulate the "I'm a victim, respond to my outrage" playbook of the left. It's tiresome and most every time this game is played, most of the outrage is phony, and perpetuated not out of some sense of principle, but out of some desire for political gain. I think Palin was right to not accept Letterman's phony, sarcastic apology the first time, but I think that those on the right who were working to get Letterman fired and holding protests outside should find better things to focus on -- like the Democrats plan to tax us to death with cap and trade and slowly strangle our health care system to death.


Apparently, Argentina is a great place to go to relax, no matter your party affiliation! First Sanford, now Bill Clinton! Gotta love bipartisanship.

Get those passports prepared, boys. Looks like the next SCG road trip is to Argentina!

Hat Tip, Ace.

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