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Monday, August 03, 2009
Random Thoughts

President John F. Kennedy, Jr.
* John Kennedy Jr. died ten years ago last month. Had he not been killed in the plane crash, I think it is likely that Kennedy, not Hillary, would have replaced Moynihan in the Senate. Kennedy had already told friends that he was going to wrap up his work on the crappy hollywood-politics magazine George by the end of the 1999. Hillary's name wasn't floated until early 2000.

If Kennedy had lived -- it would have been Kennedy, not Obama, who ran as the change/youth candidate in 2008. By then, he would have won two senate races (2000 and 2006) and had 8 years in the senate behind him. Imagine if he had survived the plane crash. The parallels to the PT 109 incident would have been endlessly repeated. Of course, if he left the scene of the accident without reporting it and left his passengers to die, he would have been compared to uncle Ted, but that scenario is very unlikely.

Interesting how one small event influences everything else. Would Kennedy have won the election in 2008? Would the GOP have nominated someone different, as Kennedy would have been the clear front-runner from the beginning? What would Hillary have done since 2000?

Future Time Magazine Cover Story: Were We Ready for a Black President?
* Small prediction: as the Obama administration continues to come off the rails, I expect the new message will rapidly become that America "just wasn't ready for a black president." The media and the democrats (but I repeat myself) will increasingly find racism behind every criticism of the president.

On a similar topic, look for far-left groups to plant agent provocateurs into the audience during the upcoming protests on health care. Someone will try to incite violence, shout racial remarks, or something of that nature. It's out of the ol' play book for the radical left - discredit your opponents by infiltrating them and standing next to reporters when you make your remarks. You saw it during the McCain rallies, you'll see it again here. The key is for people to use their cell phone cameras and catch them in the act. Tough to do, but not impossible in this age of technology.

* What to make of the white house's reiteration of their no tax increase on people making $250k and below? The administration is also saying that we will not add to the deficit, and that we will pass a massive new entitlement program on top of the stimulus. Given that revenues are dropping like a stone, does this mean that the Democrats will be proposing huge spending cuts? How does this all add up?

* The cash for clunkers program is about the most economically illiterate pieces of legislation that I have ever seen. Essentially, the government takes money from person A (future taxpayer) and gives it to person B (car-buyer). In exchange, dealers destroy tens of thousands of working vehicles. Tens of thousands of working vehicles ain't worth nothing. They have value. Yet we are destroying them. So the true cost of the program is the cost to the taxpayer, and the lost value of the cars. Beyond that, there are other costs as well - - the costs of administering the program, for instance, and the hidden administrative costs borne by the dealers.

* The key group to watch in 2010 election is upper income female voters. They abandoned the Democrats in 1994 like rats from a sinking ship. The issues, interestingly, were pretty much the same: taxes, national health care, energy taxes, stimulus.

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