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Friday, December 18, 2009
GOP/Tea Party

I used to be for GOP victory. I still am, but I used to be upset at Conservatives who didn’t support a certain GOP candidate (ensuring the Dems won the election). I was especially unthrilled (is that a real word?) when Conservatives would pat themselves on the back taking solace and outward pride in their convictions, while the Dems kept winning the elections. Having a lame Republican was better than a good Democrat – or so I thought, until Zell Miller came along.

Now as the years go by – yep…I’m old – I find myself stuck when thinking about the Tea Party gang forming their own party. I admire their stance and their momentum, but obviously want them to unite with the GOP. How do we get back to the ‘big tent’ party?

I’m hoping the possible Tea Party party doesn’t negatively impact the GOP’s chances in 2010 or 2012, because if it does, there will be Dems elected when they shouldn’t be, and a lot of Conservatives self congratulating themselves. It will be déjà-vous all over again. You knew I was going to say that, right?

Anyway, the GOP needs to attract and/or align with the Tea Party party, and needs to nominate Conservative candidates. And upon GOP victory, the Tea Party party can throw a party (HAHAHAHAHA. Sorry. Sometimes I crack myself up.)


Anonymous – where are you?

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